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About Tourism Invest

Chile is the best evaluated emerging economy in Latin America and one of the most recognized worldwide.

Jorge Sánchez

Its characteristics: stability, transparency, competitiveness and excellent business prospects make it the best destination for foreign investment in Latin America and one of the most outstanding globally.

With its wealth of unique landscapes and location in the world’s remotest corner, Chile has emerged as a tourist destination that is being discovered by millions of visitors each year. The diversity of its geography, its flavors and its people have transformed Chile into one of the places most frequently recommended by the international press and experienced travelers as one of South America’s “best-kept secrets”.

Centuries-old ice fields in the south, the world’s driest desert in the north and a dynamic and
wine-producing central area: these are just some of the attractions that also include exotic Easter
Island, the hills of the port of Valparaíso - a must for cruise ships visiting the region - and the
legends of Chiloé.

An atypical destination, Chile is the international epicenter of astrotourism, thanks to its pristine skies which mean that, by 2020, it will be home to 70% of the world’s astronomical infrastructure.

Today, the enormous increase in the number of visitors to Chile - some 6 million a year (Brazil receives 7 million) - is not only good news for the country, but also makes for excellent business opportunities.


Business Environment

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Best countries for business

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Ease of doing business

Chile is a leader in clean energies, accounting for threequarters of solar generation in Latin America.

Ambiente emprendedor

Chile has very strong professionals and technicians who are not afraid of new challenges.


About Tourism Invest


Trade agreements with more than 60 countries that expand its domestic market of 17 million people to more than 4,300 million potential consumers worldwide (63% of the global population).


In the World Travel Awards, Chile has been selected as the leading adventure tourism destination for three consecutive years (2016-2018).
Lonely Planet rates Chile in its top ten places to visit (2018) while the New York Times has highlighted the Route of Natural Parks in Patagonia as a destination not to be missed (6th out of 52).
The Guardian (United Kingdom) published a list of the ten places in Chile to visit (2017), highlighting the Elqui Valley, the Araucanía and Los Lagos Regions and the Island of
The Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve was selected as one of the planet’s 100 green destinations by Holland’s Green Destinations (2017).


In the past four years, domestic tourism has grown by 10%, driven by the rise in per capita income and the appearance of low-cost airlines.
Overseas visitors currently spend US$2,600 million a year in Chile, up by 30% on six years ago.
Chile is a destination that has not yet entered the mass market and has important tourist attractions that require investment to enhance their value.
There are opportunities for investment in hotels of different sizes and categories, in both cities and remote parts of the country.
There are also opportunities for investment for conventions and business tourism.
Today, Chile has 80,000 kilometers of highways and a large network of infrastructure for air travel, comprising 344 aerodromes, 102 heliports and seven airports, which provide high-standard connectivity throughout the country, offering fast and safe travel.


About Tourism Invest

Chile, a port of access and an investment platformfor the region

On foreign investment, we are leaders in Latin America. Chile was the first South American economy to join the OECD. It is competitive and has solid foundations, with sustained policies that have given it the region’s highest per capita income. Chile is a country with a dynamic business environment and, since 1998, has been the most competitive country in Latin America, according to the World Economic Forum.



• Chile is the economy with the world’s largest number of trade agreements: 64 FTAs which provide access to 64.1% of the world population.
• In Chile, distances do not exist: 76% of Chileans are internet users and it is the country that shops most online, according to UNCTAD.

About Tourism Invest

State support for your investment

Chile offers a series of instruments that can facilitate your investment in tourism, particularly if it is in a remote part of the country or a sector for which there are state support programs. To find out more about these instruments, contact InvestChile.

About Tourism Invest


Tourism is a strategic sector for the growth of our economy and, for that reason, our government has made efforts in terms of promotion and infrastructure and now we are seeking to boost investment through the Invest Tourism program.

Thanks to this initiative, Chile will be able to diversify and expand its facilities for tourism and, in this way, generate more dynamism and growth in the country’s different regions

Through this map of opportunities in tourism, we are contributing to the diversification of experiences and the development of destinations.

Tourism is one of the sectors where foreign investment can make a difference. In this sense, the opportunities presented in this map for tourism investment are a concrete example of the openings that our regions offer for investors who seek unparalleled landscapes for the development of sustainable projects.

About Tourism Invest


There are 3 working lines:

  • Promotion of properties with the aim to develop sustainable tourism projects on state land.
  • State´s Wild Areas Protected
  • Concession of touristic service using forest´s law.


This program offers 24 sustainable tourism investment projects:

  • 6 properties are located in the north (25%)
  • 2 properties are in the middle of the country (8%)
  • 16 properties are in the south zone (67%)



  • El Bajo de Arica, Región de Arica y Parinacota
  • Bajo Playa Blanca, Región de Tarapacá
  • Ex Café Vienés, Región de Valparaíso
  • Quirra Quirra, Región de la Araucanía
  • Fundo Piedras Blancas, Región de Los Lagos
  • Parque Nacional Pumalín y Parque Nacional Patagonia